Walk Backward To Boost Brainpower!

Try walking in reverse to give your mind and body the ultimate workout.
Exercise not only keeps you physically fit, it also improves your brain fitness, according to top researchers. That's because when you engage in physical activity, oxygen-rich blood boosts the production of brain chemicals that improve memory, attention and problem-solving.

To give your gray matter the ultimate workout, try walking backwards. No kidding! Also called retro-walking, going in reverse keeps your mind alert, focuses your thinking, and improves your sense of balance.

A recent study showed that people performed difficult tasks faster after walking backward than they did after walking forward or even sideways.

The downside of retro-walking, of course, is a lack of hindsight, which makes it more difficult to avoid potholes, signs and other hazards. To be safe, practise backward walking on a track or treadmill. Remember, it's much harder to walk in reverse, so slow down your pace by at least 50 percent.

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