10 Things You Can Do to Live Long and Well

Simple wellness strategies to adopt -- right now.

Feel your healthiest with these simple good-for-you habits that go a long way to keep you in top shape!

1. Work out your family medical tree

Many illnesses run in the family. Asking your mom these crucial questions can help you spot potential risks of certain diseases:

  • Has anyone in your family had breast cancer? If your mother had breast cancer, your risk can be at least 25 percent. And if you have several blood relatives from the same side of the family who have had breast cancer, especially if diagnosed at an early age, you could have inherited a fault in two genes Breast Cancer Gene 1 (BRAC1) and Breast Cancer Gene 2 (BRAC2) which causes up to 10 percent of cases.

  • Has anyone in the family had a heart attack? Your chances of developing coronary heart disease increases if your dad had a heart attack before 55 or your mother did before 65.

  • Does anyone in the family have diabetes? Your risk of developing type 2 diabetes rises to 20 percent if one of your parents has it, and to 35 percent if both parents are affected.

  • Has anyone in the family suffered from depressive illnesses or attempted suicide? If you have a parent or sibling who has had major depression, you are up to three times more likely to develop the condition than another woman who has no family history.

  • 2. Remove stagnant water in your home

    Eliminating standing water around the house every other day prevents the breeding of the Aedes mosquito, the carrier of dengue viruses. Dengue fever is a serious viral infection that is spread through the bite of the Aedes mosquito. In severe cases, the infection can progress to dengue haemorrhagic fever, which is fatal in about 5 percent of the cases. You can reduce mosquito breeding grounds by regularly removing stagnant water from buckets, flower pots, and other containers. Change water in flower vases and pet dishes on alternate days, and clean clogged gutters and drains to prevent water from pooling.

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