Sugar & Diet: 10 Low-Sugar Ways to Lose Weight

Throw out your fat pants by cutting out sugar with these easy tips!
Sugar is high in calories but zero in nutritional value. If you have a sweet tooth, here are 10 easy ways you can cut back on sugar consumption and see a slimmer, healthier you.

1. Reduce sugar intake for your beverages

Try cutting your sugar intake by half. For example, take one teaspoon of sugar instead of the usual two in your morning coffee.

2. Read food labels

In order to spot hidden sugars in your diet, you have to become a savvy food detective. Look up the nutrition label for an idea of the total amount of sugar (natural and added sugar) in the product.

3. Sweeten with fruits

Fresh fruits add natural and healthy sweetness. So instead of adding the usual refined sugar to your bowl of plain yogurt or cereals, sweeten with chunks of fruits such as bananas, mangoes and seedless grapes instead.

4. Try a little ice-cream

The fat in ice-cream actually helps slow down the absorption of sugar, so it's okay to treat yourself to the occasional scoop when craving hits. Just go easy -- buy single-portion ice-creams instead of family-sized tubs.

5. Make smoothies

Satisfy your sweet tooth by blending plain yogurt or skimmed milk with fresh fruits.

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