Top 6 Makeup Dilemmas -- Solved!

Check out these expert-tested solutions for common makeup glitches.
Top makeup artists share instant fixers to solve these six common makeup dilemmas -- from disappearing foundation to cakey concealer to concealing dark circles and zits.

Makeup dilemma #1:

Blemished skin

Expert advice: "Take your concealer and apply it with a tiny brush, right on the top of the spot. Work it around in a one-centimeter-wide radius, then take a cotton swab and buff away the edges. Set with a touch of powder," says Trish McEvoy, founder of Trish McEvoy Beauty.

More tips: For a subtler finish, blend your own concealer: Mix a drop of concealer with an equal amount of foundation on the back of your hand. Apply the mixture with a small brush, blend the edges then lock the cover-up in place with a coat of loose powder.

Makeup dilemma #2:

Foundation slides off

Expert advice: "Layering powder on top of foundation will keep foundation on longer," explains Bobbi Brown, founder of her own cosmetics line.

More tips: Prep your skin before applying foundation to keep makeup in place: First smooth on a makeup base, allow to absorb for two minutes, then pat foundation into skin. If you have very oily skin, choose a moisturizer and foundation that are oil-free to guard against sliding. Lock foundation in place with a light dusting of pressed powder.

Makeup dilemma #3:

Eyeshadow creases

Expert advice: "Use a puff to press powder onto your entire eyelid to prime it. You'll find that any eye makeup you apply afterwards stays in place much longer," advises Bobbi Brown.

More tips: Begin by applying eye cream to the under-eye area only as any extra moisture on the eyelid will cause the shadow to crease.

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