Fall 2011 Beauty Trends: Spider Lashes & Vampy Red Lips At Gucci

Get the look: Lashes and lips go super-dramatic this season.
Gucci's Fall/Winter makeup was luxurious and decadent. Arachnophiliac lashes and bold red lips took centerstage -- an uber-sexy look created by makeup artist Pat McGrath, creative design director for Global Procter & Gamble Beauty.

So break out your blackest mascara and your reddest lipstick, because this season, more is definitely more. We got the backstage tips from McGrath:

Spider lashes

There wasn't much eyeshadow, but the lashes were dramatic and spiky. "Part of what makes this makeup look so luxurious are the luscious lashes," says McGrath. Tons of mascara were used and the inner corners were rimmed with a beige liner to make eyes appear brighter and wider.

To recreate the spider lashes at home, apply coats and coats of thickening black mascara to both the top and bottom lashes. Bat the brush into the lashes, explains McGrath, which helps build volume. Then finish with a final coat concentrated just at the lash tips to give them a thick, spider-like effect.

Vampy red lips

"The sexiness is centered on the mouth," says McGrath, who used two shades of burgundy lipstick to create the glistening pout. After filling lips using a deep red lip pencil, the darker lipstick was painted onto lips with a flat brush, followed by a brighter shade dabbed onto the center of lips. And finally, a generous layer of lipgloss.

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