Oscars Beauty Trends: Red Lips

Sheer perfection! How to rock a bold pout la Rooney Mara.
Red lipstick always works like magic when it comes to adding some Hollywood drama on the red carpet. And it was no exception at the Oscars, with "Best Actress" nominee Rooney Mara, Angelina Jolie and Milla Jovovich all opting to flaunt the classic crimson pout -- both Rooney and Milla went for a rich matte red; while Angelina kept it sultry with a slight sheen.

But if we have to pick our favorite look, the "Best Red Lips" award would definitely go to Rooney Mara. Her impeccable oxblood-red lips, offset with immaculately groomed brows and flawless pale skin, made her a vision of sheer perfection -- it's a look that's very contemporary, and so very elegant.

If you adore Rooney's red-lipped look, steal these beauty tips from her:

Paint on precise lips

For perfect bold lips, first prime lips with a dab of balm. Next, trace lips using a red lip pencil to prevent feathering. Apply lipstick (matte version like Rooney's are lower maintenance, because the color is less likely to travel) with a lip brush for precise edges, blot with tissue and finish with another coat.

Keep eye makeup to a minimum

Balance a dramatic red pout with subdued eye makeup -- neutral eyeshadows, barely-there eyeliner, and two coats of mascara. Top off with groomed brows defined with a soft pencil.

Flaunt perfect skin

Flawless skin is the foundation for any look. But if you're not blessed with perfect skin like Rooney's, here's how to fake it: Apply a primer formulated with luminizers or light-diffusing particles that minimize pores and imperfections. Follow with a layer of sheer foundation then set with loose powder.

Show off your pretty features

Let your facial features take centerstage by wearing your hair back and keeping long bangs away from the face. Rooney wore hers pulled back into a sleek bun.

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