Organize Your Wardrobe

Get a closet full of stylish clothes to wear in 5 steps!

4. Deciding which to toss out

From the pile of 'unwearable' clothes, you can judge whether to keep or to throw:

  • Simple mending. You know what to do with clothes that have fallen hems or missing buttons. Spend some time sewing them back and you'll have pieces that look as good as new.
  • Ill-fitting clothes. Clothes that no longer fit, or never have. Bargain pieces that aren't flattering at all. Pants that can't zip shut unless you lose some weight. Send anything that needs alterations to a tailor. "If it's too small, be honest about whether or not it's ever going to fit," says Russo. If they're not worth altering, just toss them or give them away to your friends or family members.
  • Outdated clothes. If you find the style dated, it probably is. Or it's just not you anymore. Give it away.

5. Extra storage ideas for your accessories

Now that you've successfully sorted out your 'keepers', here are more tips on how to organize your accessories.

  • Belts. Get a men's tie rack and hang your belts on it.
  • Handbags. Stuff the bags with smaller bags or crushed magazine pages (save trees -- don't use brand new paper for this) to retain their shape. Store them in a big see-through plastic zipper bag so that the dust won't get on them.
  • Hats. Install hooks on the inside of closet doors to hang your hats.
  • Scarves, stockings, and other accessories. Keep each category in a clear plastic stackable box, so you can see the items from the outside.
  • Shoes. Store your shoes in a shoe organizer. Or keep them in their original shoe box, to store them in neat stacks. Write a description of the shoes with a marker pen on each box so you can easily find the right pair without needing to rummage for it.

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