Get The Perfect Blow-Out At Home

How to replicate that just-stepped-out-of-the-salon look -- at home!
Ever wished you could replicate that perfect, just-stepped-out-of-the-salon blowout at home? To ace a DIY blow-dry, learn the tricks of the trade from the pros. We got Neil Barton, owner of Neil Barton Hairdressing in UK to spill the beans on how to achieve salon-quality hair at home.

What products to use?

Before you start, set the right foundation by using hair products that will contribute to the perfect blow dry. Barton recommends using a clarifying shampoo to remove product build-up and following up with a volume-boosting spray. "Simply spray this onto the hair when wet to create lightweight volume and you can also spray the roots when dry to create texture and real lift to reshape at any time," he advises. Next, spritz with heat protectant spray -- a little goes a long way and you'll only really need it for the ends of your hair.

What kind of hairdryer is best?

Barton recommends looking for a hairdryer with particular features that will help you to achieve a great blow dry: Pick a lightweight hairdryer that will be easy to handle and look for an option that has multiple heat settings, including a cold air switch to set the hair. The perfect hairdryer will also have various attachments, such as diffusers for added volume and nozzles of various sizes for versatility and to create a range of styles.

Tips for a professional blow-dry

With the right tools and products in place, you're ready to embark on a brilliant blow dry. Here are Barton's tips for achieving the most professional finish:


Run a wide-tooth comb through damp hair to gently detangle -- hair is vulnerable to breaking when wet.


Push all of your hair forwards in front of your face and run your fingers through from back to front. Work with your fingers for the most part by rough-drying hair until 80 percent dry before using a hairbrush.


To add instant va-va-volume, tilt your head upside down and blow-dry hair to give roots even more lift.


Dry hair in sections using a round bristle brush, pointing the nozzle of the hairdryer in the direction of hair growth to encourage the hair cuticles to lay flat and smooth and to coax shine.


Use a curling iron or hair straightener on the ends of your hair, if needed, for the finishing touch. Set with a light mist of hairspray.

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